Kim Eng

Assistant Teacher, Kindergarten

Teacher at GPS since 2017

14 Years of Teaching Experience

Kimberly is honored to join the extraordinary team at Golden Pond School. Kim began Homeschooling and Co-op teaching both Elementary and Middle Schooler in 2006 after her son was diagnosed with profound Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and ADHD. Her family decided to keep him at home so they could provide undivided attention, hold private meetings with his reading and handwriting specialist and create a stress-free learning environment. This personal experience with her son began a passion for young children with special needs but it also formed a strong desire to see every child as an individual with their own set of unique strengths and challenges.

In addition to homeschooling her own two children, Kim has eight years of experience in both the grammar and dialectic stages of classically educated students enrolled in Classical Conversations, a Co-op Homeschooling community. Her specialty is early childhood and was trained extensively to capitalize on their natural curiosity and delight for learning new things. Kim also enjoyed being a LCPS Substitute Teacher for three years and was nominated for the 2016-17 Sub of the Year Award.

“I am committed to two things; inspiring the love of learning in young students and imparting a sense of self-worth to each child that I encounter so that they are equipped to be the next great thinkers and leaders of the future.”