Darel Culfogienis

Assistant Teacher, Preschool, Lead Teacher, After School Enrichment

Golden Pond Teacher since 2001

24 Years of Teaching Experience

Darel is very proud to be Golden Pond School’s longest serving teacher, having been here since 2001! Darel began as a parent when her son attended GPS in the Threes Program. In addition to her Early Childhood Education experience she has received extensive additional training from owner, Mrs. Burrell and other professional educational trainers. Darel has taught Junior Kindergarten, the Threes and Fours programs. Previously, she spent 9 years teaching preschool in San Diego, California.

“I enjoy working at Golden Pond  School because it allows me to teach many children and to equip them with the necessary skills for learning and growing!”

Associate Degree 

  • Major: Early Childhood Education
  • San Diego College, CA
  • Certification: Early Childhood Development