Preschool (Half-Day)

Preschool Programs

Golden Pond School looks at the curriculum as a whole continuing process from Twos through Junior Kindergarten where children are taught skills and concepts that develop in complexity and rigor over the preschool years. This is done through active learning that focuses on the whole child in a developmentally appropriate manner.


Young Scramblers (2 years old by May 31)
Scramblers (2 years old by March 31)
3-Years (3 years old by September 30)
Explorers (4 years old by February 28)
4-Years Pre K (4 years old by September 30)
Junior Kindergarten JK (5 years old by February 28)
Junior Kindergarten JK Extended (5 years old by February 28)


GPS programs are enriched with Music, Art and Spanish Specialty lessons and teachers plus STEAM is also creatively integrated into daily lessons.


An introduction to music in a manner that is developmentally appropriate is part of every program. We correlate our Music & Movement program with our monthly themes to encourage learning through musical play and song. Our creative Music Specialist, Tracy Foster, helps children create sound by experimenting with a wide variety of hand-held instruments while developing both motor and social skills. Hearing the subtle differences in sound and pitch also increases phonemic awareness.  Through this program we learned that when combined with printed words and verses, Music & Movement also greatly improves early reading skills.  Our amazing results have led to GPS teachers presenting our impressive strategies at the Virginia State Reading Association (VSRA) conferences yearly since 2012.


ArtThe Art program at Golden Pond School encourages every child to stretch their creativity and imagination and to have fun! Children work with a variety of media and experiment with abstract art, self-portraits, painting, and three-dimensional work. Each year our students display their masterpieces at the annual GPS Art Show. The evening event is a student and parent favorite. Each year the Art Show grows with the imagination of our talented Art Specialist, Maggie LaBillois, incorporating interactive art exhibits. Additionally, specialty Art Summer Camps are available each summer.



SpanishAs part of introducing children to a broader world, Golden Pond School offers a fun and educational introduction to Spanish on a daily basis in our Threes, Explorers, Fours, Junior Kindergarten, and Kindergarten classes. The charismatic Spanish specialist, Magnolia Inmon, focuses on making students comfortable with the Spanish language while playing kinetic games, singing silly songs, and exploring interactive books. The exposure to another language at an early age lays an excellent foundation that can help children succeed in later grades.


SteamAs it is widely acknowledged that literacy is the cornerstone of all learning, the manner in which we teachers approach literacy is essential. A school’s approach to literacy sends all kinds of messages to students. For instance, we could tell them that print is all about phonemes and decoding as we sit them in front of a workbook. Or we could announce to them that unlocking the secrets of print is an exciting journey that will simultaneously unlock the secrets of the vibrant world around them as we delve into interesting projects. We prefer the latter – wouldn’t you?!  Our hands-on, science-based activities are built upon the theme-related books that our children are enjoying. On any given day, after reading stimulating and thought provoking classic children’s literature.


Stay & Play is our quality year-round care from 7:30am-6:00pm with stress-free snow days! Parents can select from 2 Day, 3 Day or 5 Day Stay & Play (until 6pm).



Lunch Bunch is available 2,3 or 5 days a week from 11:30am – 1:20pm. This supplementary program gives children extra time to solidify friendships with in a warm, atmosphere while enjoying lunch. Children participate in creative art projects, science experiments, and other group activities. A hot lunch is served daily or students may bring a nut-free, home-packed lunch.


Exercise helps a child’s developing brain by stimulating brain growth and boosting cognitive performance helping children focus and retain information. The coaches at Amazing Athletes will be teaching the basic fundamentals and mechanics of 10 different sports including Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Track & Field and Tennis at GPS. Classes work on building self-confidence, practicing teamwork and improving key areas of motor development. Balancing, running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking and target bowling are incorporated into a non-competitive, learning-based environment. Amazing Athletes 6 week classes will be available for students ages 3-8. For more information and to register please contact Ingrid at