Saad, Jenny, Kaiden (5), Aaron (3), Maya (1)

the-amin-familyWe started attending GPS in 2014 when my then 3 year old started in the 2-day Bees program. We have been attending every year since than and will continue until all 3 of our children move into the public school system. We live in Ashburn and love that Golden Pond is a part of our community.

We chose GPS because of the feeling when we walked in the building. There was such a warm and welcome air about all the staff. The methods and love of teaching that was demonstrated in the classrooms, made the choice for our children’s preschool a no-brainer.

We have watched our very quiet son grow into a vibrant and confident student. The growth we saw in our son from his first year in the Bees classroom was astonishing! The amount of academic and everyday skills that is taught in the classrooms at Golden Pond provided our son with all he needed to become a successful kindergartener.

Anyone I meet that is looking for a preschool for their children, I always recommend GPS. I share my wonderful experiences of how my children have grown and the love of school they have, coming home each day with smiles on their faces and songs in their hearts 🙂

the-amin-boysAlthough it is always hard sending my children into the care of someone else, I never hesitate when dropping my kids off at GPS. The teachers always make the separation easy for both kids and parents. My children have always been excited to start their schooling at GPS and are excited for each school day. Not only have they had wonderful learning experiences but we have enjoyed all the opportunities given to be part of the school events. Being involved in the parent group and in the classroom also gave me an inside look into my children’s daily activities.

We have wonderful memories of watching our son perform on stage at Spring Sing and look forward to our next 2 children’s performances. We also have gotten to know many wonderful families and my sons talk daily about the friends they have made.

Golden Pond is not just a school but is truly an extension of our family!!