Open Houses and Information Sessions

GPS is currently enrolling for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years, and we recommend that all prospective parents visit Golden Pond School as the first step in the admissions process. When touring GPS, you will see our school environment, meet our impressive faculty and staff, and receive an admissions information packet.  We look forward to meeting you and your family!

Open Houses:

Sunday, 1/13/19, 12-3pm
Sunday, 2/2/19, 10am-1pm
Wednesday, 2/20/19, 5-8pm

Information Sessions:

Wednesday, 1/30/19, 9-10am & 6-7pm*

Junior Kindergarten
Thursday, 1/31/19, 9-10am & 6-7pm*

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GPS Kindergarten Field Trip to Washington D.C.!

The excitement was palpable as the charter bus crossed the Potomac and the children spotted the Washington Monument. The private tour of the Capital Building is another treasured memory for our Kindergarten families.

The monthly theme, Washington D.C., is creatively brought to life in the Kindergarten classrooms through centers and activities. Skip counting is especially fun when it is a photo puzzle of a monument. Fine motor skills and reading are enforced with letter clothespins for completing sentences about The White House. Building Legos in a sensory bin to create sentences about the trip is an active way to teach language. Using a pulley system to find coins and identify images is a creative way to learn together with friends.

The Golden Pond School Kindergarten curriculum is designed to encompass all the conventional skills of literacy and math plus the increasingly essential skills of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving. Golden Pond ensures small class sizes to allow for individualized and specialized instruction. This program comes with the expectations of greater learning, higher test scores, and confident students. Our experience confirms that GPS Kindergarten students enter First Grade with a love of learning and a thirst for more knowledge!

Join us and discover the benefits of Golden Pond Kindergarten program at our upcoming Information Session
Wednesday, Jan 30, 2019 | 9-10am & 6-7pm | RSVP HERE
Learn more about our Kindergarten program here.

Holiday Shoppe

The annual GPS Holiday Shoppe by The Parent Group was a huge success this year! Our dedicated parents go above and beyond to create a wonderful shopping experience for the children. Helpers took the children around to shop for mostly home-made gifts while parents enjoyed coffee and snacks in the front entrance. Gifts come wrapped, tagged and ready to go for your holiday celebrations!

This is a family favorite event and the pride the children have giving a gift they picked out just for you is a lasting memory! Families shopped on a Saturday morning and a Monday evening giving everyone an opportunity to pick out the perfect gift. Surprises from each class were displayed and the Parent Group collected donations for families in need.

Happy Holidays to all of our GPS families!


Thanksgiving Feasts

Our annual Thanksgiving Feasts are a special memory for our GPS Families! Joyful singing, delicious food and spending quality time with families in the classrooms is something we all look forward to each year.

Our Kindergarten students have been learning about the children aboard the Mayflower and took on their names and told their stories during a lively presentation. Everyone was excited to learn that a baby was born aboard the Mayflower! They played with toys that children played with during that time and discovered Jacob’s Ladder is still a toy enjoyed by all children today.

The Preschool classrooms created Thankful Trees and hung notes of thanks on the limbs. Turkeys were made of play-doh and feathers, turkey hats were created with parents and child-made decorations filled the happy rooms. Chef Amel prepared a delicious turkey lunch and families brought in their favorite family dishes to add to the feast.

“Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remember those who enrich our lives and reflect on the many blessings we enjoy each and every day. Let us be thankful for our loving, supportive families, our loyal, encouraging friends and the caring community with whom we are most privileged to work. I wish everyone a holiday filled with peace and joy.” Lisa Moriarty, Principal

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The first Parent-Teacher conferences of the year happen in early November. This is an important conference because it is the first opportunity for parents to meet with their child’s teacher and find out how their child is settling in with classmates and teachers.  It also provides parents time to ask questions like – How can we contribute to encouraging more independence? How can we help our child socially? Who does our child enjoy playing with? When does my child seem to struggle the most?

This one-on-one time with your teacher concentrates on the social-emotional aspect of development. Separation and participation in the various parts of the day are discussed. Also, teachers speak about how your child is adjusting to the morning routine and if they are demonstrating appropriate independence and if they are sharing with their classmates.

Building a relationship with your child’s teacher builds good communication skills. Your child’s teacher wants to know if parents are traveling, if you have special guests in town, if a pet is sick or if a special celebration is happening. Having insight into the daily life of your children helps better equip your teacher to support your child in an individual way. GPS is dedicated to providing a warm and nurturing environment for your child!

The next Parent-Teacher conferences will be held May 13th-24th.

Kindergarten Simple Machines Expo!

The Robins and Bluebirds have been busy experimenting with Simple Machines and are proud to display their hard work at The Simple Machine Expo today! Simple Machines make work easier and include the Lever, Wheel & Axle, Pulley, Inclined Plane, Wedge and Screw. Students are discovering the science behind catapults, balance boards, flag poles, rollercoasters, balance scales, seesaws and more. Simple Machines are everywhere – just ask a GPS Kindergartner!



New Families Open Registration for 2019-20 begins today! 

Please Join us for a Group Tour of GPS! This Fall our Junior Kindergarten students are enjoying the classic children’s book, The Doorbell Rang. The classes completed many exciting, active learning experiences including cooperative games, acting out the story plus math and science activities. The culminating activity is baking their own cookies. The student’s recipe and cookies will be shared with you!

RSVP’s are recommended but not required. Reserve your spot on the tour! 2018-19 Enrollment is still available and 2019-20 has begun!

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Amazing Athletes

Golden Pond School is dedicated to teaching the whole child, including physical education. Exercise helps a child’s developing brain by stimulating brain growth and boosting cognitive performance helping children focus and retain information.

To support our growing students GPS is excited to announce a new partnership with Amazing Athletes! Coaches will be teaching the basic fundamentals and mechanics of 9 different sports including Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse and Tennis. Classes work on building self-confidence, practicing teamwork and improving key areas of motor development. Balancing, running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking and target bowling are incorporated into a non-competitive, learning-based environment.

The class starts with a Warm Up of stretching and an Obstacle Course. Then the class focuses on two different sports each session providing skill practice and motor activities along with lessons on nutrition and fitness.

Amazing Athletes 6 week classes will be available this Fall for students ages 3-8. For more information and to register please contact Ingrid at


Home Visits

GPS is a unique gem in Loudoun County. One of the many ways we stand out from other schools are Home Visits, special home teacher visits before your child’s first day of school. This visit allows children and teachers to get to know each other and start building their personal relationship in a comfortable environment. This is one step we take to guarantee your children will feel welcome and happy the moment they step into the classroom! Welcome to Golden Pond School!
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Teacher Training

You can feel the excitement in the halls during Teacher Training! Every August, Golden Pond School teachers, assistant teachers and administrators gather to set up their classrooms and become students! Kathie Burrell, owner of GPS for over 16 years, always creates exciting and inspirational sessions.
Training topics vary each year and this summer teachers will be learning about the importance of Handwriting and the necessary skills needed to prepare young hands for proper writing. Other training topics include Smarter Not Harder, Social and Emotional Goals and Rhyming.
Kathie Burrell uses the teaching method, The Golden Pond Way, to imprint the idea of stepping into a child’s point of view to our teachers. Just like in our classrooms, when you engage the senses in an enjoyable activity it makes a lasting memory. The Golden Pond Way of teaching and the high-quality staff is what makes Golden Pond unique and successful!
Lisa Moriarty, Principal and at GPS since 2007 says “Teacher Training at Golden Pond School gives our returning and new teachers the opportunity to get together, share fresh ideas and prepare for the school year.  Kathie Burrell’s trainings are always thoughtful and engaging; inspiring collaboration among our talented teachers and making certain they are well-equipped to educate the whole child.
Mentoring by established GPS teachers is critical to the successful development of new teachers and we are very proud of our meticulously assembled staff. Golden Pond School teachers have unparalleled credentials and a passion for early childhood education.  The support we give our teachers helps them to further develop the skills required to effectively navigate the school year ahead; ensuring a successful classroom for both children and teachers.  Great teachers inspire great students!